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  1. Emblem Steering Wheel Stickers - Toyota Prius

    Just remove the sticky back and accent you Steering wheel emblem
  2. Beat-Sonic BH1 Stereo Installation Kit

    Toyota stereo wiring harness + Double din dash kit for vehicles without factory amplifier systems.

  3. Beat-Sonic TOOL1 14 Piece Radio Removal Kit

    Specialized tools used specifically to remove factory radio and panels with ease and without damaging interior

  4. Exedy Black License Plate Frame

    • Raised Logo and Quote
    • Standard US Frame Size
    • Easy to Install
  5. Tein EDFC Active Pro Controller Kit

    EDFC ACTIVE PRO is a high-spec version of EDFC ACTIVE, which enables automatic adjustment of damping force according to the changes in longitudinal G-force and vehicle speed, and comes with new and upgraded functions. Newly-added features, such as individual adjustment of 4 shock absorbers, lateral (cornering) G-actuated automatic adjustment, vehicle speed pulse input and 2 additional input ports to communicate with drivers, are sure to bring out the full potential of each shock absorber as well as the vehicle itself. Please enjoy another dimension of shock absorber performance that EDFC ACTIVE PRO brings. (Patent Pending)
  6. Tomioka Racing Super Slope Ramps (L.D.S.)

    Tired of stressing out about finding small broken bricks or big wooden boards to raise your car half an inch so you can fit a car jack underneath your lowered vehicle? Well stress no more! Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are designed to take all that stress and frustration away! The Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are designed to help car enthusiast with lowered vehicles to reach all front, side and rear jack point areas. Made of strong plastic material, they only weigh in at 10lbs a set with dimensions of 27x8x3 inches. These light weight and easy to store ramps will be the only thing you'll need to help jack up your lowered vehicle.
  7. Cusco Jack Assist Ramp Set

    Great for stock height or lowered cars, this detachable two-piece design enables better clearance for floor jacks. Longer ramp distance / mild climb angle. Durable lightweight ABS material. Made in Japan.

    Dimensions: 19cm x 85cm x 7cm each

    Set includes a pair of two-piece interlocking ramps

  8. RAYS Engineering Powerbank

    Introducing the new RAYS 5200mAh portable battery powerbank.

    - Capacity: 5200 mAh
    - Output: 5V/1.5A
    - Embossed brushed RAYS logo
    - 6" x 1.5"


    The Beatsonic Smartphone iOS/Android Mirroring Interface addresses one of our biggest disappointments with the 2016 Prius: lack of Android or Apple integration. The Prius Smartphone Mirroring Interface adds this integration with both video mirroring on your Prius' large center display and high fidelity audio through your Prius' sound system. While it's still easy to access anytime you want, you no longer have to use Toyota's hobbled Entune system. Use apps like Google Maps or Waze for navigation, listen to music and view high resolution album art in apps Apple Music, Spotify, & Pandora, and allow your passengers to stream video through YouTube, HBO, & others on long road trips.

    All touch controls remain with the Android or Apple device

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9 Item(s)