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Winmax W5 Rear Brake Pads - Toyota Prius

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Winmax W5~W6

Winmax W5-W6 are what we consider FULL metallic compounds, where metallic content is high, and are exclusively formulated for extended racing and heated use on the racetrack, and longer duration rally use.

They are capable of extreme temperature ranges on the hot end, and offer the best stability, and consistency of control under racing conditions. As such, they require a fair bit of heating before it is optimal, and are not recommended for street use. W5~W6 offer three levels of temperature and effectiveness choices, and can be mixed and matched to offer the best combination for bias of front and rear, given different caliper/rotor choices, and enables fine tuning for venues, driver preference, and longevity whether short sprints, extended endurance, or longer distance rally and asphalt stages.

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