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Prius 50 series Dedicated LED Trans Tail Kit - Toyota Prius (2016, 2017, 2018)

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In the original tail lamp of the Prius 50 series, even when stepping on the brake, since only the square portion is lit, when the small lamp is not lit such as during the day, Prius unique Prius line does not light up.

My Prius line is "a mottainai ..." "It is not amusing ..." Then, let's light the Prius line when stepping on the brake ♪
An innovative item that realized the voice of such an owner is the "LED Transtail Kit". When installing the LED Transformer Kit, the Prius line (small lamp) also lights at the same time as the brake lamp when stepping on the brake even if the small lamp is OFF.

Installation is safe because it is possible to turn on coupler ON except for pin replacement and bumper removal work in one place. Because it is a car inspection correspondence fashion can be fully enjoyed ♪

It is a must-have custom part of the Prius owner!

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