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Electrical & Ignition

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  1. Toyota [OBD2] Power Window Auto Close Unit - Prius / CT200H (2010-2016)

    OBD2 Module that plugs into your OBD2 diagnostic port which will close and open your windows via existing key remote!

    Once installed just hit the unlock button on your remote (3) times and all 4 windows will roll down!

    To roll up windows - just hit the lock button on your remote once!

  2. APEXi SMART Accel Controller Harness Lexus & Toyota

    Apexi 417-A010 SMART Accel Controller Harness Lexus,&Toyota

    • Vehicle Specific
    • For SMART Accel
    • Easy Install
  3. APEXi SMART Accel Throttle Controller- Toyota Prius (2010-2016)

    The A'PEXi SMART Accel Throttle Controller allows you to reliably adjust the throttle response of your Drive by Wire (DBW) Toyota Prius. The controller features 7 different modes (3 ECO, 2 Boost, and Lo-Throttle / Hi-Throttle Modes). The Accel Throttle Controller is easy to use and will give you a greatly enhanced driving experience, even on stock Toyota Prius

    The Ignition Projects IP Coil is the ignition coil with a high power amplifier built in to it. The IP Coil produce 4 times more spark energy than stock coils and also generate an ultra fast multi spark discharge of 10 sparks up to highest RPM. The spark amperage is increased 100%, allowing the spark to reach many more molecules and therefore accelerate the ignition and combustion process. This is extremely important in forced induction applications but also improves the performance of normally aspirated engines.

  5. TOYOTA G's Start Switch for PRIUS - Genuine Parts Japan JDM

    TOYOTA G's Start Switch for PRIUS Alpha PRIUS V Toyota Genuine Parts Japan JDM


    NO GENERIC PICTURES (Actual Product Installed on car)

  6. Speed Adjustable 8-Pin LED Flasher Assy Relay Fix For Turn Signal Lights for Toyota / Lexus

    • Flashing (blink) speed adjustable
    • 8-pin configuration for the newer Lexus, Toyota, Scion and Subaru
    • Replace the stock flasher located near or underneath steering wheel
    • Simply plug and play with no tapping wire, modification required
    • Solve most LED bulbs related turn signal light problems such as hyper flash, no flash nor bulb out warning message on dashboard
    • No heat vs load resistors; one flasher can resolve both the front and back LED turn signal bulbs issues
    • Replace OEM 81980-34020 81980-02030 81980-53010 81980-50030
    • Content: one piece
  7. Hella Twin Super Tone Horn Set - Toyota Prius / Lexus CT200H

    • Black Coated Metal
    • Red Protective Grille
    • Sound Level 118 Db (A)
  8. HELLA 12V Triple-Tone Air Horn Kit with Compressor

    Specifications (Melodic):
    • Voltage: 12V
    • Low Tone Frequency: 580 Hz
    • Mid Tone Frequency: 780 Hz
    • High Tone Frequency: 860 Hz
    • Sound Level at 2 Meters: 118 dB
    • Power Consumption: 240W

    HELLA 12V Triple-Tone Air Horn Kit with Compressor

  9. VR Tuned Gearbox Tuning for Lexus CT200h (2011-2014)

    The all-new 2016 VR Tuned Tool is a fully reworked and reprogrammed new plug n play OBD tool that not only unlocks manufacturer's transmission settings within the vehicles control modules to give better gear shifts, increased performance and release torque. It now also provides adaptation reset as standard helping you get the most from your vehicle, which provides an essential component in your vehicles modifications and upgrade path.
  10. NGK Premium RX Spark Plugs

    NGK RX PREMIUM are the extended version of the NGK IRIDIUM MAX.

    These series combine a Ruthenium center electrode of 0.6mm diameter with a ground electrode whose design has been completely revised.
    The ground electrode has the particularity to integrate a platinum extension that aims to greatly improve the electrical conductivity and the combustion quality while ensuring an extremely reduced electrode wear.
    These spark plugs also feature a brass terminal nut with very low impedance (Ohm), in the same way as Iridium Racing series (IRI-Series NGK and most IRIDIUM MAX).
    RX PREMIUM spark plugs insulator has been also completely revised to provide greater heat dissipation and leave more space for the propagation of combustion.

    Price Includes (1) Spark Plug

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10 Item(s)